Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 15 – Post-Launch

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Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“Make sure you don’t foolishly backpedal on a necessary, but controversial, decision.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can me handle the post-launch situation of my application.


“One month tuneup.” Having a major update after your launch shows you have different motives and interesting ideas. It gives you something to think and deliberate about and others to talk about. Quick upgrades makes you focus on adjusting the important factors before your next launch rather than changing just the little things. Once it’s done, you’ll start receiving feedback thus gaining knowledge on what aspects that needs to be adjusted next.

“Keep the posts coming.” An active blog indicates that your app is operative and is functioning frequently. It shows that your app is not deserted and shows that it is alive. Having a blog can make the company’s ideas shine through and you can keep your customers updated and receive feedback as well.

“Better, Not Beta. Beta is meaningless.” This shows that you’re are not ready for launching a product at all if you’re at an endless beta stage. Don’t give the public what they don’t deserve. You are responsible for whatever you are releasing and it is in your hands to reach its perfection.

“All Bugs Are Not Created Equal.” Just because you discover a bug in your product, doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. You should know how to prioritize your bugs and know how to deliberate which has the most critical problem and start fixing it there. Also, don’t create a culture of fear surrounding bugs.

“Ride Out the Storm.” When updating some changes on your app, there are always negative feedback, learn how to pacify the negative feedback first. Also, learn how to ride out this feelings because soon, your customers will adapt to the changes that happen in your app.

“Keep Up With the Joneses.” Be competitive. Subscribe to your competitors because you must be one step ahead to them. When you do this, your app will always be better than your competitors.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned many things about the post-launch of my application. Be competitive, subscribe to your competitors news feed because when that happens, you know what they’re doing and you should be one step ahead always. I also learned that when updating changes to your app, learn how to accept negative feedback at first because your customers will get use to what changed on your app. Don’t panic when there’s a bug, know how to fix and prioritize them. Lastly, keep the posts coming, always update your customers to what’s happening in your app because when they see, they use.


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