Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 14 – Support

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Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“Even if you don’t have a perfect answer, say something.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me know everything about support team.


“Feel the pain”. Walls are bad when you are in a company, your goal is to destroy that wall in order for your team to accomplish things together. One example is that in creating an app, there is the programmer and the developer working together and the support that works for the customer they must have communication to each other so that the programmer and developer will know what to do in their app and they know also what the customer feels.

“Zero training”. Build your product or your app that’s easy to handle when you use it. Build a product that does not require training. Make it simple as possible. The simpler your app is people will use it. After that, support will have an easy life.

“Answer quick”.  You should respond to your customers’ questions quickly because they will appreciate if you do that. When someone complains about something in your app, respond quick because the tendency is the customer will be happy and lighten their mood.

“Tough Love”.  We know customers always want to add something to your app, but sometimes, we must know how to say no to them, the truth is the customers are not always right.  You always know what’s the best for your app.

“In fine forum.”  In order to make your life easier. Use forum or chat to make your customers fix their own problem by answering other customers forum.

“Publicize your screwups”.  When something bad happens to your app even if your customers didn’t see it, tell them. Be honest with them, keep it open and transparent. Don’t  keep secrets, because when you let them know, they will be loyal customers.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned that the support team will always have a big impact on your company. I also learned that a gap in your company will always be bad because it keeps the different teams in your company away from each other not knowing what their opinions are. Also, you must keep your app easy to use as much as possible. Plus, you should respond quick to your customers’ issues. Also, i learned that you should also learn how to say no to your customers because you know what’s best for your app and make your app as simple as possible. Make a forum that will let your customers interact to each other. Lastly, be honest to your customers especially when their is an issue on your app.


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