Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 13 – Promotion

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“You need to know who’s talking about you”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me promote my app.


“Hollywood Launch”.  You need three things in launching an app. First is the TEASER. A teaser can help you build up your customers. It’s like a movie trailer that people will thirst on. In time, they can’t wait to see your app. You can try anything to make a teaser, a blog posts, a video, an advertisement etc. Second is the PREVIEW. Start previewing features, give the customers some feel on your app. Let them browse a little bit and let them know what happens in your app. Last but not the least is the LAUNCH.  It’s what the people are waiting for, this is when everything happens. Money comes in, opinion comes in, love comes in, hate comes in. When that happens, it will lead to updates and tweaks that will lead to your success.

“A powerful promo site”. In order to promote your product, people must like it because it will spread like fire if it’s perfect. You should also have a promotional site that will help you succeed a lot. The promotional site must consist of an overview that will explain everything about your app, a tour that guides people through every feature, screen capture and videos that will show the people on how to use your app and what it looks like, case studies, buzz, forums that your customers can ask questions, pricing & sign up and weblog.

“Ride the blog wave”. In order to promote your app, one effective way is by advertising, but the problem is it’s expensive. What if you don’t have enough money to advertise? There is another way to promote your app, it’s called blogging, it’s free and it can really promote your app.

“Solicit early”. Get ready by having a domain name, put up a logo and some description of your app. Get emails of your customers early so that they will know when will your app launch.

“Promote through education”. Instead of hard selling your product, which means “buy this product”, try promoting your app through education, in this way, your intention is good, your app name is buzzing throughout the community. Some promotion through education are conduct workshops, write books, have a seminar, etc.

“Feature food”. Have new features. By this, people would want to see it ASAP and try it. By that, people will appreciate your application more and some will let their friends try your app because it’s amazing.

“Name hook”.  Think of a name of your app that customers will get hooked early and remember. If the name of your app is catchy to the ears of the people, it will be a success.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned many things about how to promote my app. When launching an app, it’s like a movie. There’s three parts. The teaser, preview and launch. Also have a powerful promotion site, i.e. a blog, etc. This will serve as your advertisement that will help people know what is your app all about.  Also, i learned that you must promote through education because it will have a lot of advantage when it comes to people hearing about your app. Lastly, i also learned that the name of your app must be catchy and will stick to the mind of people. In order to get your app successful, you should follow all of these.


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