Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 12 – Pricing and Signup

Library Reference: not available in the library

Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“It’s a noisy world out there”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help know what is the price of creating an app and the signup process.


“Free Samples”. Everyone loves free samples! Good companies give away freebies so that people will notice them and try their app. Once they tried your product, they might loved it and buy it. That is one way of having customers to buy your product. This is a good marketing strategy to all companies because the people will have a chance to try your product for free.

“Easy on, easy off”.  Make an easy sign up process that people will not hassle into it. Make it as quick as possible so that your customers can try it on one click. Instead of giving the customers sign up forms that’s so long, make it quick so that they can use the demo of your app and try it as soon as possible. Also, don’t include their credit card information in the sign up form because they might want to cancel and want to get a refund that will have a longer process that will produce hassle. Also, when the customers don’t want your app or dislike it, have an option that will let them remove their accounts, etc. and make a quick get off on your app. Let the customers have the control on your app.

“Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids”. Don’t fool your customers to have more cash. You should earn it. Do not put long term contracts, early termination fees, or one time set-up fees. The customers should have a choice in paying you, when you like your product, they will buy it, do not fool them with your tricks just to have more cash.

“A softer bullet”. Have a bad news to your customers like price increase? Make it painless as possible to your customers and have an advance notice to them so that they will know for a certain period of time. Also, have an exemptions for your loyal and long customers, make them feel valued.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned that their are many ways to do the pricing of your product or application and to your sign up process. In order to have customers, have a free demo. Make them feel your app, what it’s look like, the interface, etc. And let them know that your app is very good. Also, in sign up process, let your customers have a control on your app in terms of signup process. If they want your app, let them sign up, if not, let them go, It’s as easy as that as said by the chapter. Don’t trick your customers so that you can have more cash, earn it. Lastly, make bad news as painless as possible. In order to do that, make an advance notice so that your customers will know and also, have an exemption for your loyal customers.


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