Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 11 – Words

Library Reference: not available in the library

Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“Build, don’t write.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me choose the right words on creating an app or a website.


“There’s nothing functional about a functional spec”. Functional spec is bad because they’re just fantasies, only about appeasement, only lead to an illusion of agreement, only force you to make the most important decisions when you have the least information, only lead to feature overload and lastly it doesn’t let you evolve, change, and reassess. Avoid using functional spec, just stay where your app will be successful and have many customers.

“Don’t do dead documents”. Avoid unnecessary paperwork, it just makes you pile up whatever you need to do that will make you confuse throughout creating your app. Build, don’t write. If you need to explain something, try to put it in your app and do prototyping instead of writing it in a piece of paper, it will just slow you down. Documents that is separated from your app are worthless.

“Tell me a quick story”. Instead of writing details, write stories because stories have more impact than little details. Stay with the story that will lead you on the right track in creating your app and that will initiate conversation to your customers.

“Use real words”. Use words that is inside your mind and do not copy paste. Don’t use Lorem Ipsum because it shows that you are lazy and want the easy way out.

“Personify your product”.  Put a personality in your product. A personality that people will like. If the personality of you app is good, it will be successful and you will have many customers.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned that you should be a good writer when creating your app, because this is where you attract your customers. I also learned the functional specs are bad in creating an app. I also learned that your app needs personality so that customers will like your app. Also, you should have communication with your customers 24 hours a day. Lastly, reduce paperwork because it’s unnecessary and slow you down.


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