Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 8 – Staffing

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Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“Enthusiasm. It’s one attribute you just can’t fake.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me understand what and who are the members of the different departments in a company.


“Hire less and hire later”. Don’t hire a lot of staffs early because you won’t need them all. There’s no need to get big early. Hiring a lot of people in one click gives you problems. There’s no way that you can immediately handle that many people. You’ll have training headaches, personality clashes, communication lapses, people going in different directions, and more. Just hire someone when you really need it and make sure that you’re hiring a talented one.

“Kick the tires”. Before hiring anyone, look at the resume first to know the credibility of the person, what was the work he/she had done, etc. Also, try to give them a small and see how they handle the project, how they communicate, how they work, etc. Working with someone as they design or code a few screens will give you a ton of insight. You’ll learn pretty quickly whether or not the right vibe is there.

“Actions, not words”. Judge potential tech hires on open source contribution. You can track someone’s work and contributions through open source. You can hire someone by their  quality of work, cultural perspective, level of passion,  completion percentage and social match. All of these can be tracked by using open source.

“Get well rounded individuals”. Hire someone who actually knows everything, can understand anything and can help you in anything. And they need to be willing and able to shift gears down the road. You also should have the ability to change direction and do it quickly. You also want someone who can adjust and learn and flow.

“You can’t fake enthusiasm”. Find someone who’s enthusiastic, because enthusiasm can’t be fake as said in the topic of the essay. Enthusiastic people are one who have a strong feeling of active interest in something that one like or enjoy which can help you build your team or your company.

“Wordsmiths”. Hire good writers because they’re good in communicating, and they’re about more than words. They also make things easy to understand, etc.

What have you learned: 

In this chapter, I learned that hiring staffs in your company is not that easy because you need to check on different aspects to know that this person is capable in helping you in your company. I also learned that hiring a bunch of people is not a good thing because it can cause you. People who are well-rounded are the people who can have impact in your company because they can help you in a lot of different ways. Enthusiastic people also can help you build your team or your company. Lastly, hiring good writers can help you in a lot of ways because they are good in communicating and alos they’re about more than words.

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