Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 10 – Code

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“A happy programmer is a productive programmer.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me on where to start coding in creating an app or website.


Less software. Keep your code as simple as possible. Less software means less features, less code, less waste. The key is to restate any hard problem that requires a lot of software into a simple problem that requires much less. Instead of trying to predict future problems, you deal only with the problems of today. Why? Fears you have about tomorrow often never come to fruition. Don’t bog yourself down trying to solve these phantom issues.

Optimize for happiness. It’s all about making the little details of daily work enjoyable. Happiness has a cascading effect. Happy programmers do the right thing. They write simple, readable code. They take clean, expressive, readable, elegant approaches. They have fun. In summary, your team needs to work with tools they love. You’ll generate excitement and motivation and a better product as a result.

Code speaks. Listen to your code. It will offer suggestions. It will suggest new ways to do things.

Manage debt. You still need to recognize it as debt and pay it off at some point by cleaning up the hairy code or redesigning that so-so page.

Open doors. Don’t try to lock-in your customers. Let them get their information when they want it and how they want it.

What have you learned: 

  1. Less is more. This chapter entails simplicity amidst the complex possibilities in coding.
  2. We should always keep in mind that happiness creates a good output.
  3. Evaluate your output and never hesitate in making changes for improvement.
  4. Be open to endless opportunities, ideas and offers.


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