Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 4 – Priorities

Library Reference: not available in the library

Amazon: application/dp/0578012812


“Think Big”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me understand what are my real priorities in life.


“What’s the Big Idea?” In creating an application, you should have a one-point vision for it. You should think big about the vision of your application because it will help you succeed in the near future. This vision will help you build your way towards your dream because it serves as a stepping stones. It also says here that your vision should be brief and simple enough to get the idea across.

“Ignore details early on”. Details makes everyone crazy. In creating an application, forget about the details first because it can make everything complicated. Just make sure of what you want to do first in your app as a whole and finish the details later.

“It’s a problem when it’s a problem”. Don’t make everything worse by thinking on problems that might come when creating an app. Just face a problem when it’s already in-front of you because it can help you solve it a lot easier. When a problem comes, you can easily identify it and there you go! You don’t need to think for a problem, it will just come up and you will notice it.

“Hire the right customers”. Don’t try to please everyone in creating an app. Just please the customers that thinks your app is helpful to them.  Know your customers and keep pleasing them.

“Scale Later”. You don’t have to worry about scaling when you just started your app because you’ll never know when your app will be successful. Just be happy when a problem of scaling is already there because it means that you have a lot of customers.

“Make Opinionated Software”. Don’t chase customers who doesn’t want your vision. Make partners with customers who run with your vision. Choose customers who wants your app truly and customers that decides to run with you.

What have you learned: 

I learned that prioritizing on things can help you in life. Think big and have a vision in your life. In creating an app, I learned that you should have a brief vision so you can be successful. Also, don’t think of the problems that might come, just face it when it’s already in-front of you. Look for customers that will embrace your vision. I also learned in this book, it’s just not telling me about creating an app, it also tells me on how to handle things in real life.

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