Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 5 – Feature Selections

Library Reference: not available in the library


Quotation:   “Don’t be a yes-man.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter will help me select good features that will be helpful in my app.


“Half, not half-assed”. Do not entertain all ideas that come along the process and stick to the essentials, your vision of the product that you want to create. Collect good ideas and table them. Reduce these ideas to the point of reaching the most essential ones. Focus on one goal, one vision, one way through the plan.

“It just doesn’t matter”. Figure what matters and leave everything out. Save money, time and effort so that you can be productive throughout the building of your application. In creating an app, you can identify what does the app ONLY needs and leave others out.

“Start with no”. “Consider features that are willing to stand on the porch for three days waiting to be let in”. Don’t say yes to all suggestions and request unless it keeps coming back, then maybe you can reconsider. Don’t be a yes-man.

“Hidden Costs”. “Expose hidden costs even if a feature makes i past the “no” stage”. A simple idea can snowball into a major headache.

“Can you handle it?” “Build something you can manage”. It’s easy to make promises keeping them is the hardest. Make sure you’ll be able to sustain what your doing. In creating an app, make sure you can have the guts to make it and provide what the customers want.

“Human solutions”. Build a software that encourage problem solution by the people. A software that works “with” and not “for” the people. Guide them enough to help them solve their problems their own way. Develop something that aims to help solve the root of the problem, not the complements that goes along the root of the problem.

“Forget feature requests”. “Sometimes it’s better to say no and maintain your vision for the product”

“Hold the mayo”. Ask what they don’t want and not what do they want because more is not always the answer.

What have you learned:

I’ve learned that don’t say yes to all the things that other people want you to do. Don’t be influenced on others vision, maintain your vision and be successful. In creating an app, it’s better to ask the customers what they don’t want instead of asking them what they want because it gives you more problems to tackle on to. Also, in creating an app, you should see your software as a working for the customers and guide them.

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