Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 3 – Stay Lean

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“Let limitations guide you to creative solutions.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this chapter can help me pull off some weight on my shoulder when I plan to have a business.


Staying lean can help in business. Why? Because a company can change their mind quicker. Having less mass can make you adjust quicker. Time is important in business, when you stay lean, you can plan everything quicker. The key word here is QUICK because it can make you flip the switch fast. Let’s say, for example, Stephen Curry and Shaquille O’neal. Let’s put them up in a 100m race. Who will win? Obviously, Stephen Curry because he has less mass! Now, Let’s put this in, in a business world. Two companies battling for a contract, one has less mass and the other has more mass, suddenly the contract changed near the deadline, who can make the decisions quicker? Like I said earlier, the one with the less mass can achieve the goals quicker than the other.

“Use a team three for version 1.0.” When you try to build your own app, you should start with only three people, because you already have enough manpower and allow you to be agile. Start with a designer, a developer and a sweeper.

We all hate limitations. But, in this chapter, it says that limitations can guide us to creative solutions. We should embrace them. Constraints drive innovation and force focus. It’s an advantage in disguise. In my own opinion, constraint is something that help us think more about the solution inorder to solve the problem.

“Be yourself, differentiate yourself from bigger companies by being personal and friendly.” Be different from other companies, stay small so that you can communicate with your users. Follow these tips so that you will have a successful business in the future.

What have you learned:

I will always keep in mind that limitations are guide to different solutions. It will surely be a motivation for me because in some cases, I can’t get over my limitations. But now, I will surely try to be creative and have different solutions in order for me to solve my problems.

“Be yourself” is a phrase that is quite possibly the most commonly used phrase in the history of advice. Be yourself. It’s such a vague saying. But by reading this chapter, it tells me that everybody has different and unique ideas.

Small companies are closer to the customer. This phrase is important because it tells us that the most important thing when you set-up your business is your customer. Being close to your customer can lead you to more and more customer.

Staying lean is an easier way to make quicker decisions. It can make you more productive because you achieve your reminders quicker.


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