Book: Getting Real

Essay: Chapter 1 – Introduction

Library Reference: not available in the library

Amazon: application/dp/0578012812

Quotation:   “Getting Real is about skipping all the stuff that represents real and actually building the REAL THING.”

Learning expectation:

I expect that this Book will help me in real life situations.


Based on what I’ve read, “Getting Real” is all about web application. Mostly, it tells us about how to build a software the better and faster way. 37signals inspired me on how to deal with the different aspects of my life in just one simple line, “Get real”, it’s about facing reality, doing things that must be done, and just simply refraining from being lazy. This book is for entrepreneur, designer, programmer, or marketer working on a big idea. I’m a programmer, so this book can help me soon if I want to work or build a web application. This book can also help me on my everyday life! Just by reading the title! 37signals products are very useful, it gives the customers different choices to work on. One product that I think is very useful is the Ta-da List because it keeps the customers organized in their work, it keeps you on track of the pending tasks and deadlines, it helps you manage your time wisely, it simply presents you the reality and be mindful of the things that you have to do. The most important thing about building a web app or a program are the customers feedback, because once you read those negative feedbacks and solved it, you’ll have a loyal customer and a connection between the programmers and the users. The benefits of this book delivers better result because it wants us to solve the problem directly and not how you think about the problem. All in all, this chapter is an introduction of the book and it’s going to be the stepping stone for the next chapters to come.

What have you learned:

Reality? It’s scary right? All I think of when I hear the word reality is a loop, a loop that never ends until it dies, it’s what we live in. We almost do the same thing every single day, just to be alive. Wake up, eat, sleep, repeat. We live a short life so we need to live our life to the fullest. We MUST do our “things” clever, faster and better just to have a better life. Reality might be hard to deal with, but with courage  and assertiveness, you will learn how to flow with it. Those things came up in my mind when I read Chapter one. It’s about doing things smart. It’s about thinking of what to do next or thinking ahead of the problems we deal. Life will never fail to suprise us. It will always find a way to mess up with our focus, our vision in life. The best way to react is to face it head on and be creative in coming up with the solutions.


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